Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #270 – “Secret Societies”
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Issue #270 – “Secret Societies”

Issue #270 – “Secret Societies”

It’s the third episode of Doctober!!! We talk all about secret societies, cults, and underground organizations in the DC Universe!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(2:24) Michael Haggerty’s 5-Star Amazon Vibrator Review


Secret Societies

(13:12) If Vandal reformed the Illuminati today, who would be included?

(20:04) Project Cadmus, it’s origins and purpose.

(22:40) Which DC cult would be best suited for a docu-series?

(28:55) Which DC character is most likely to get arrested for running a sex cult?

(33:41) The various Superman cults.

(38:28) History and common beliefs of Cobra.

(46:01) How did the Court of Owls go unnoticed for so long?

(51:01) How does one get inducted into the Newsboy Army?

(56:34) Who leads the Court of Owls?

(1:00:15) Who is in charge of the Josh Gill Cult?

(1:04:11) Which group is the most helpful?

(1:09:45) Is the League of Assassins a cult?

(1:14:29) Has the Docscord become a cult?

(1:17:20) Is there a secret society that the Detectives Guild is not aware of?

(1:22:20) What sort of conspiracy theories would be popular in the DCU?

(1:30:28) Who killed JFK in the DCU?


Guess the Character!

(1:36:36) Bald but not beautiful

(1:37:29) Neck beard

(1:38:27) Dobby ears


Recommended Reading & Viewing


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen Vol 1 089




Marvel’s Illuminati


Characters, Places, Things


Black Glove

Brother Blood

Cassie Sandsmark

Court of Owls

Cult of Blood

Cult of Conner

Detective Guild



Kobra Cult

League of Assassins

The Light

Newsboy Legion

Order of St Dumas

Project Cadmus


Thara Ak-Var

Time Masters


Vandal Savage


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