Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #271 – “Master of Fear”
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Issue #271 – “Master of Fear”

Issue #271 – “Master of Fear”

It’s the final episode of Doctober!!! We talk all about Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(2:11) James Paulsen’s 5-Star TikTok Review


Master of Fear

(14:06) Feelings on the Titans TV version of Crane.

(18:44) Talk about Fear State.

(25:47) What is Jonathan Crane afraid of?

(29:58) Which of Batman’s rogues fit the tin man and lion stereotypes?

(32:09) What would Damian see if he was gassed by Scarecrow?

(37:37) In which story is Scarecrow scariest?  Why?

(45:42) Why isn’t he a more prominent member of the Sinestro Corp?

(49:42) What was the probable decision to switch from gasses to injections?

(56:08) How does he rank in terms of intelligence against the other Bat-villains?

(1:02:10) Why is Crane a pothead on Titans?

(1:03:51) Pitch a new Scarecrow story to DC with a new element for Crane.

(1:10:42) Favorite Scarecrow costume?

(1:14:33) Does Scarecrow’s fear toxin work on the Joker?

(1:16:42) Does Scarecrow’s fear toxin come in different flavors?

(1:18:01) Which character should get dosed with fear toxin?

(1:20:34) What would the Doctor and Producer Richard see if injected with fear toxin?


Guess the Character!

(1:27:55) Has a neck like Henry Rollins

(1:28:52) Requested no sleeves on his trench coat on purpose

(1:30:01) Undertaker Batman

(1:31:28) Dark Star-Lord


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Batman – Arkham Knight (Video Game)

Batman – Fear State

Batman – The Animated Series (TV Series)

Blackest Night

Legends of the Dark Knight

Titans (TV Series)


Characters, Places, Things



Damian Wayne

Gotham City

Mr Freeze


Solomon Grundy

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