Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #272 – “The Aquafamily” (w/ Anne Talks Comics)
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Issue #272 – “The Aquafamily” (w/ Anne Talks Comics)

Issue #272 – “The Aquafamily” (w/ Anne Talks Comics)

This week we’re talking all about the extended family of Aquaman-adjacent characters! Special guest Anne (The Comics Collective Podcast) joins us to talk Aquaman’s sidekicks, lovers, allies, enemies and more!

Follow Anne on Twitter at @AnneComics and check out The Comics Collective at @CMXCollective!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Meet Anne Talks Comics

(1:04) Anne talks Aquaman as much as the Doctor and has similar thirsts

(1:44) What originally drew Anne to the aqua corner of DC?

(4:31) What is Anne’s favorite version of Aquaman?


The Aquafamily

(10:00) Who is Tula?

(16:13) What’s the story behind Orm’s father, King Orvax?

(19:10) Has there ever been a push for democracy or the dissolution of the monarchy?

(21:15) Is Arthur a good king?

(24:27) Do Atlanteans get pruney in fresh water?

(28:06) What is the current explanation for Jackson’s bio-electric powers?

(32:08) Did Mera’s time as a Red Lantern have lasting affects on her character?

(34:05) Could Atlantis repel an attack by the Red Lantern Corps?

(35:59) What’s the difference between Arthur, Arthur Joseph, and Orin?  Which one was raised by dolphins?

(42:40) Who is the Aqua-Chad of the Aqualads?

(46:25) What’s the distinction between Jackson Hyde and Kaldur?

(50:24) Are Arthur and Mera due to have another baby?  

(66:01) Where does Kaldur rank among the Aqualads?  What’s he up to?

(1:02:08) Which version of Aquaman would you pay for on OnlyFins?

(1:05:02) Has Murk ever smiled?

(1:08:03) How could Koryak be reintroduced?

(1:12:13) What is the coolest Aquaman moment?

(1:16:38) What about the times Aquaman died pre-Flashpoint?


Guess the Character!

(1:22:21) Crazy eyes

(1:23:21) Surrounded by a green stretch glow

(1:24:33) 60’s Art House Piet Mondrian Barbie

(1:26:08) Girl next door who is feeling a little fun and got color streaks in her hair


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Aquaman: Sub Diego

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Characters, Places, Things

Anton Geist

Arthur Joseph Curry




Black Manta

Calvin Durham



Jackson Hyde

King Orvax


Lorena Marquez




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