Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #273 – “It Am Regular Episode”
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Issue #273 – “It Am Regular Episode”

Issue #273 – “It Am Regular Episode”

This week we am talk not at all about Bizarro! We talk no same version of Bizarro, not the clone or perpendicular Htrae version, or none other Bizarro story you can not think of!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

Guess the Character!

(4:34) Silver fox

(5:02) Roman centurion outfit vibes

(5:45) Recycled graduation robe

(6:59) Clint Eastwood as daddy Zeus


It Am Regular Episode

(12:24) What would the bizarro version of the podcast be in Bizarro World?

(18:42) Is Opposite Day on Bizzaro World like squaring a negative?

(23:20) A quick rundown on his part in the Red Hood and the Outlaws series.

(28:21) Could the Bizzaro clone from RHATO communicate with Bizarro world?

(30:08) Favorite Bizzaro story?

(36:20) Do the Super-Pets have bizzaro versions?

(39:31) Would Bizzaro be a better fit for a film or a series?

(51:24) Draft a team of three Bizarro’s.

(1:02:37) Are there copies of other Super-Family members?

(1:08:17) Is Bizarro World in Earth 29 or the Anti-Matter Universe?

(1:10:38) What is the deal with Match?

(1:13:52) A Bizarro

(1:15:52) Are Bizarro and Grundy more Hulk-like since the MCU?

(1:18:08) Has the dangerous but well-meaning clone version of Bizzaro returned?

(1:21:15) How do the inhabitants of Bizzaro World mate?

(1:22:59) Should Bizarro World be treated as belonging to the larger DCU or constrain it to Superman?

(1:26:09) What’s the deal with Zibbaro?

(1:29:03) Explain the correct grammar of Bizarro’s speech?

(1:31:49) Should Bizarro be a joke or serious villain?


Reading Assignment

(1:36:35) Action Comics Vol 1 785

(1:52:01) Cape rating


Holy 5-Star Review Batman!

(1:52:40) YoBroItsScarebro’s 5-Star Tinder Review


Recommended Reading & Viewing

  1. Bizarro Vol 1

Action Comics Vol 1 785

Action Comics Vol 1 856

Action Comics Vol 2 040

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 2

Superman: The Animated Series S02E06 – “Identity Crisis”

Superman III (1983 Film)

Teen Titans Go!


Characters, Places, Things

Al Bizarro



Earth 29

Lex Luthor



Red Hood



Yellow Candle


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