Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #50 – “Moorrrissoonn!” (w/ Kyle Clark)
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Issue #50 – “Moorrrissoonn!” (w/ Kyle Clark)

Issue #50 – “Moorrrissoonn!” (w/ Kyle Clark)

In this week’s issue (and our 50th episode), we sit down with comedian, writer, film maker, actor, and host of the hit podcast This Is Rad! Kyle Clark and talk about Kyle’s history with comic books, DC, and most importantly Grant Morrison!

We deep dive into this polarizing writer, while tackling the big questions like Miracle Machines, Doom Patrol, Seven Soldiers, and even a little Final Crisis… All this and more on the Doctor DC Podcast!

Sponsored by Great Lakes Grooming Co.

Intro Music by Aaron Barry


Guest hosted with Kyle Clark

Twitter: @kyleclarkisrad

Instagram: @kyleclarkisrad

Podcast: This Is Rad!



SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)
Meet Kyle Clark
  • (1:04:50) How does a whistle save the universe?
  • (1:13:51) What happened in Batman RIP?
  • (1:23:12) Do you believe including with all continuity hurts or helps?
  • (1:31:31) Can you please explain Final Crisis?
  • (1:43:12) Miracle Machines.  Comicbook gold or lead balloon?
  • (1:55:21) What’s your favorite Morrison story?
  • (2:09:01) Why did the Amazons seem like a future society in Morrison’s Wonder Woman Earth One?
  • (2:18:00) The seven unknown men.
Characters, Events, Things, Teams, Etc.
DC Stories, Arcs, Issues


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