Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #52 – “Kids of Capes”
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Issue #52 – “Kids of Capes”

Issue #52 – “Kids of Capes”

In this week’s issue we are talking all about those heroes and villains who have families. Kids of capes, supervillain children, whole families of metahuman potential! But first we break the latest in DC news and talk about the Doctor’s newest adventure.

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Intro By Aaron Barry


SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)
  • (13:47) Why is it that most of the portrayals of Green Lantern children have innate ring powers?
  • (19:58) Which children didn’t inherit their powers and how did their parents react?
  • (25:53) Which two heroes would produce the most interesting offspring?  What about hero/villain?
  • (39:13) Think Bats and Catwoman will reproduce?
  • (43:13) How are the kids from Infinity Inc related to the JSA/All Star Squadron?
  • (49:53) Who was Damage/Grant Emerson related to?
  • (54:01) Animal Man is a hero with an actual family and his daughter is the actual Avatar of the Red.
  • (1:00:12) What do you think of giving Lois and Clark a son?
  • (1:06:03) Are there any offspring from Kingdom Come that you would like to see introduced into the main DC continuity?
  • (1:09:30) What’s the deal with Captain Boomerang’s son?
  • (1:14:47) What are some examples of a genetic superhero family with different powers?
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