Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #55 – “The Golden Age”
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Issue #55 – “The Golden Age”

Issue #55 – “The Golden Age”

In this week’s issue we discuss the earliest era of comics – the Golden Age!

Officially, the Golden Age ends with the debut of the Barry Allen version of the Flash in 1956, so for this next episode, we be tackle comics, characters, stories, and creators from BEFORE that time! Before that we go through the latest in DC news, and then we talk about the newly released Ninja Batman!

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Intro music by Aaron Barry


SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News & Notes

(3:16) Patty Jenkins confirms Wonder Woman 2 is set in the 80s

(6:58) Sterling K Brown still wants to play John Stewart in Green Lantern Corp

(10:19) DC ‘Titans’ set photo reveals Hawk and Dove

(13:03) The Killing Joke and other Batman stories are getting novelizations


The Doctor’s Pulls

(18:57) Batman Ninja (film)

(33:32) Mera: Queen of Atlantis


The Golden Age

(37:50) Does Showcase 004 mark the end of the Golden Age for all comics or just DC?  What fundamental change causes this to be the end of an age?

(44:18) What Golden Age heroes have fared the best/worst? What heroes would you like to see brought back to a more featured role?

(53:57) Doctor’s thoughts on Madame Fatal?

(1:03:54) What was the first event to bring the team together in the Golden Age?

(1:08:57) How did the Flash keep his hat on?

(1:14:21) Who is the best villain of the Golden Age?  Which villain has changed the most? The least?

(1:19:28) What’s the deal with original Batman?  Why did he carry a gun? Did he kill?

(1:25:33) When will Jay Garrick return?


Characters, Teams

(**Unless otherwise noted, all links are for Golden Age information**)

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