Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #56 – “The DCAU” (w/ Alex the Boy)
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Issue #56 – “The DCAU” (w/ Alex the Boy)

Issue #56 – “The DCAU” (w/ Alex the Boy)

In this week’s episode we’re bringing back a very special guest… Alex the Boy (last heard in Issue #31) returns to discuss the DCAU, from Batman: The Animated Series to Justice League Unlimited to Static Shock and everything in between! We take questions from listeners just like you to find out what our favourite episodes are? who made the best villain? All this and more!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry


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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


(2:45) Alex the Boy’s intro to DCAU

(8:01) What Colin watched


The Pull List

(11:15) Alex the Boy’s

(13:20) The Doctor’s

(14:38) Richard’s



(17:35) Which DCAU property was your entry into DC?

(24:33) What is your favorite single episode of any of the DCAU shows?

(34:00) Alex the Boy talks The Zeta Project

(35:57) Pre Star Crossed Hawkgirl or Post Star Crossed Hawkgirl?

(41:26) Favorite/least favorite DCAU villain (can’t say Joker or Lex)?

(46:15) What are your thoughts on Martian Manhunter being sidelined or superficially weakened in the DCAU to keep Superman as the most powerful member of the league?

(50:41) Swap out one member of the original seven, who do you lose/who do you add?

(59:20) Do you feel Static Shock was regulated to the B-list unfairly?

(1:05:31) Any of the two episode arcs from the first two seasons of Justice League that would make good movies?

(1:12:15) Is the storyline of the Question in Justice League based on anything specific?

(1:13:28) Is Icthultu just Cthulhu?

(1:19:18) Why did they change Aquaman from his classic look to his 90s look?

(1:20:35) Love what they did with the corporate owned super team.

(1:26:02) Top three DC animated films?

(1:38:21) Best Batman Beyond episode?  Why?

(1:48:47) Has the third season of Young Justice come out yet?


Characters (Unless otherwise noted, all references are from the DCAU)

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