Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #58 – “War”
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Issue #58 – “War”

Issue #58 – “War”

In this week’s issue we tackle the time-honoured tradition of war time propaganda!… err… I mean comics! From Sergeant Rock to Haunted Tank. But first we talk about the latest in DC News!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News & Notes

(1:56) DC’s “Sink Atlantis” crosses over Aquaman and Suicide Squad

(3:10) DC’s Young Animal line to end its current run

(4:26) Tom King teases big things for Booster Gold

(6:27) “Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman – Rage of Atlantis” trailer has been released

(10:38) Pre-Flashpoint universe still exists

(12:00) DC announces new Looney Toons cross overs

(14:30) The mystery of Batman’s parents death finally explained

(17:07) CW introduces Batwoman in this year’s Arrowverse crossover

(19:19) Batman prequel series “Pennyworth” in the works

(22:24) Doom Patrol series coming to DC’s streaming service

(24:45) Gotham now not allowed to use the Joker


The Doctor’s Pulls

(28:00) The Flash Season 04

(34:29) Avengers: Infinity War



(49:12) The Haunted Tank

(53:04) Why did the books that launched in the New 52 fail?  Is there room in Rebirth for Sgt. Rock and the Blackhawks?

(1:01:41) Would war comics be popular inside the DCU?

(1:04:22) Are readers missing out by not having war comics now?

(1:09:22) Do you prefer the realism of artists like Russ Heath or a different style such as Joe Kubert?

(1:12:28) Are there any classic or contemporary stories that hold gravitas?

(1:19:31) DC war time or power metal?

(1:27:00) What was your introduction in to war comics?

(1:28:37) Who would you rather have on your side, Captain Blackhawk, Unknown Soldier, or Sgt. Rock?

(1:32:14) What did you think of the New 52 Men of War?

(1:34:01) How many characters from war comics made their way to superhero comics?  Are there any crossovers between the genres?

(1:36:45) What are your thoughts on how solider or veteran characters are written?

(1:44:48) How did propaganda change throughout the wars and have wars been reflected in more recent comics?


Characters, Teams, Places






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