Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #66 – “Items of Power”
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Issue #66 – “Items of Power”

Issue #66 – “Items of Power”

Hello Residents! In this issue, we discuss artifacts and items of power in the DC Universe! From mystical objects to scientific devices, we’ll take questions on anything that gives power to those who wield it! But first we talk about the latest in DC news! Also we finally talk about Dial H for hero!!!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News & Notes

(2:57) DC Releases New Superman TV Commercial

(5:30) Superman’s Fortress of Solitude is Moved

(8:08) DC Confirms if Barry Allen is Faster Than Wally West

(10:04) DC May Have Killed a Major Batman Villain

(15:01) DC Comics Releasing A Superhero Anatomy Book

(17:45) Aquaman Reveals First Look at the Fisher King

(20:18) New Hawkman Series Reveals Rebirth History

(22:41) G Willow Wilson Returns to DC to Take on Wonder Woman

(26:36) Steve Ditko Passes Away

(28:55) Aquaman Trailer to Debut at SDCC


Prescribed Reading

(33:15) Dial H for Hero


Items of Power

(50:46) What would you consider an item of power?

(51:57) I found these two items (Green Lantern and Power Ring), what should I do?

(54:34) What are some poor examples of poor cultural representation or appropriation?  Have they been retconned?

(1:03:40) Spear of Destiny.  Has it appeared since the 90’s Spectre series?

(1:07:19) What would THE artifact be in the DCU?

(1:11:57) Has anyone tried to separate the Black Heart from Eclipse and use it for good?

(1:15:52) What makes the Green Lantern Ring the most powerful weapon in the universe?

(1:19:40) Dr. Occult hasn’t been seen much, how powerful is his signature artifact, the Symbol of Seven?

(1:26:50) Name That Bat

(1:34:35) The Bat Grapple always seems to have enough line to reach and lift a ton of weight.

(1:39:25) Shadow Thief’s Dimensiometer and the Metal Men’s Responsometer.

(1:45:08) Has there ever been a comic that explains how the Cosmic Treadmill works?  How is there a machine that keeps pace with the Flash?

(1:48:50) Does the Phantom Stranger’s amulet have any significance?

Characters, Places, Things

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