Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #69 – “Inappropriate Moments”
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Issue #69 – “Inappropriate Moments”

Issue #69 – “Inappropriate Moments”

In this week’s issue we talk about DC Comics’ most inappropriate moments, greatest double entendres, most suggestive themes and situations, and anything else that either hasn’t aged well or should never have been put to print in the first place! But first we talk about the latest in DC news that fit to print!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News and Notes

(4:49) DC Announces Comic Tie In Series for Death of Superman Animated Movie

(8:10) Marc Maron confirms himself and Robert De Niro for Joker Movie

(14:44) Super-Pets Movie From Lego Batman Writer in the Works at Warner Bros

(17:59) Birds of Prey Villain Revealed

(22:19) Supergirl Movie Takes Flight at Warner Bros

(29:08) Kara Gets a New Costume and a New Mission in Supergirl 21


Inappropriate Moments

(36:00) Joker Proclaims “Boner”

(40:15) Starfire in the New 52

(46:12) Superman Spoosh’s and Stiffens Up

(51:35) Power Girl’s boob window and the explanation behind it?

(57:08) Secret Six

(1:02:54) Alan Moore’s treatment of female characters in the 80’s

(1:10:37) How bad has Poison Ivy gotten?

(1:21:10) Deathstroke/Terra vs Hal/Arisia?

(1:28:17) The entire Vertigo run of Hellblazer

(1:32:30) Fanfic porn and literotica

(1:37:22) Favorite suggestive comments from the Justice League cartoon

(1:42:36) Is there any character more inappropriate than Bueno Excellente?

(1:46:24) Wasn’t there some implication in Justice that Black Canary is “loud”?


Dial Doc

(1:49:50) Mic-ochondria

(1:50:37) Mahogaknee



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