Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #70 – “The One Percent” (w/ Simon King)
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Issue #70 – “The One Percent” (w/ Simon King)

Issue #70 – “The One Percent” (w/ Simon King)

In this week’s issue we are very excited to be joined by comedian and podcaster Simon King! We talk all about the 1% of the DC Universe – the wealthiest entrepreneurs, socialites, and politicians.

But first we talk about the latest in DC news that fit to print!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


The One Percent

(25:18) Why doesn’t Bruce Wayne throw his money in to Gotham to make the city better?  What about Green Arrow?

(38:19) Glorious Godfrey in the Legends event and his use of weaponized propaganda.

(43:55) What is the best thing Bruce Wayne has done for Gotham with his money?

(52:26) Which male and female DC character would you choose to be President of the United States?

(1:00:40) What examples are there of the 1% not using wealth to be hero/antihero but simply fund the hero?

(1:12:15) Let’s give the 1% another opportunity not available to the other 99%!

(1:39:47) Where does Ozymandias rank in terms of wealth?  Why is it that 2 of 3 wealthiest individuals villains?

(1:45:33) Examples of stories where metahuman rulers of nations use diplomatic immunity/international law to get away with crimes.

(1:53:13) How or why does Superman choose to take control of the Soviet Union in Red Son?

(1:56:11) Top 5 richest people in DC.


Dial Doc

(2:01:37) The Arbitross

(2:02:39) The Humdinger

(2:03:48) Professor Correct


Simon King

Characters, Places, Things

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