Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #78 – “Avatar of the Green” (w/ Kelly McNeely)
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Issue #78 – “Avatar of the Green” (w/ Kelly McNeely)

Issue #78 – “Avatar of the Green” (w/ Kelly McNeely)

Doctober continues! In this week’s issue we talk all about the live-action Swamp Thing films with special guest Kelly McNeely from iHorror. We compare and contrast the films with Alan Moore’s seminal comic book run.

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Meet Kelly McNeely

(2:54) Kelly’s introduction to horror

(5:48) Kelly’s recommended horror viewing

(10:56) Swamp Thing films


Avatar of the Green

(30:32) Does he make your heart sing?

(32:25) The return of evil Dennis in the Alan Moore era?

(37:30) How did 1982’s Swamp Thing help rejuvenate interest in the character?

(43:06) Why is he blue by the end of the series?

(45:12) What do you love about Swamp Thing and where does he rank?

(55:46) Does the psychology of body horror plague Swamp Thing’s psyche?  What effect did the Anatomy Lesson story have on the concept of past and current identity?

(1:02:02) Could Swamp Thing grow a green so large that he himself could not protect it?

(1:06:17) Could a current live-action Swamp Thing movie work?

(1:12:12) Why is Alan Moore’s run considered THE run and not one of Len Wein’s?

(1:18:06) What works about the film version of Arcane and what is missing?

(1:23:53) Is Swamp Thing’s improved speech in the comics a recent change?


Dial Doc

(1:31:33) Kaboom

(1:32:34) Gin Joy

(1:34:02) The Stuffler


Kelly McNeely

Characters, Places, Things

Recommended Reading & Viewing




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