Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #79 – “Heroes Who Kill”
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Issue #79 – “Heroes Who Kill”

Issue #79 – “Heroes Who Kill”

This week we talk all about…heroes who kill!

That’s right! #Doctober continues with an episode about the heroes who cross that line and why they decide to do it! And Richard talks about his reading assignment: The Question Quarterly vol. 1 #1. But first we dive into the latest news.

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News and Notes

(3:13) CBS Orders Pilot for Secret Six

(9:46) First Pic of Ruby Rose as Batwoman

(12:06) New Metahuman Character Joining Black Lightning

(15:50) Famed Marvel Director to Direct Suicide Squad 2

(21:06) Rooster Teeth to Partner with DC to Produce Slate of Comics

(25:12) Flash Year One Coming 2019

(28:28) Vertigo Has New Books Coming Out

(34:06) Seth Rogen’s “The Boys” Casting Announcement

(36:13) New Aquaman Footage


Prescribed Reading

(42:53) The Question Quarterly


Heroes Who Kill

(1:01:34) Which characters crossing the line are surprising?  Which are not?

(1:06:50) Justice League (DCEU)

(1:08:42) Why does Batman adhere to the “No Killing” rule more than anyone else?

(1:13:29) Aquaman killing Black Manta’s father.

(1:16:05) Which hero is least likely to kill?

(1:21:32) Did Producer Richard kill Colin?

(1:22:49) Superman killing Zod in Man of Steel.

(1:26:03) Are there any heroes that have killed that you wish had not?

(1:31:06) Why is the “No Kill” rule so defining for superheroes?

(1:33:55) If the plot of Injustice occurred in main DC continuity, how would the heroes react?

(1:37:59) Did Batman really kill the Joker at the end of The Killing Joke?

(1:41:12) Did Nightwing kill the Joker in an Elseworlds tale?

(1:44:25) Which hero doesn’t kill but should?


Dial Doc

(1:50:25) Kanga-Ruse

(1:50:59) Square Cubed


Characters, Places, Things

Recommended Reading and Viewing



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