Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #8 – “Don’t Listen To This Podcast!”
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Issue #8 – “Don’t Listen To This Podcast!”

Issue #8 – “Don’t Listen To This Podcast!”

In this week’s issue we hear how Colin really feels about his newest reading assignment – The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 – and take some listener questions about the Multiverse.

We also talk about what’s going on in DC news, including a Joker vs Harley Quinn movie, Wonder Woman 2, DC METAL, and more!

Intro by: Aaron Barry


Prescribed Reading from Issue #8:
The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 – the 1st appearance of Ultra Comics, the sole superhero of Earth 33.
Flash vol. 1 #123 – The Flash travels to Earth-2 in the first ever establishment of the DC Multiverse.
New Teen Titans vol. 1 #16 – 1st appearance of Captain Carrot.
The Multiversity #1-2 – Wider tale of the fight against The Gentry, and demonstrations of Captain Carrot’s “cartoon physics”.
Justice League of America’s Vibe vol. 1 #1 – New 52 origin of Vibe.
Brave New World #1 – the new origin of the race of Monitors following Infinite Crisis.

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