Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #80 – “Hell Bent”
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Issue #80 – “Hell Bent”

Issue #80 – “Hell Bent”

This week we talk all about the demons and underworlds of the DC Universe! That’s right – we’re going straight to hell as #Doctober continues! Plus, we explore a fascinating new Batman theory.

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News & Notes

(2:27) Jimmy Olsen’s Sister Joins Supergirl

(3:28) Jason Momoa Pitched Aquaman 2 to WB

(5:56) New Art Team Brings Lucifer Back to DC Vertigo

(7:40) Legends of Tomorrow’s Crossover

(8:53) Pennyworth Casts Thomas Wayne and Alfred

(14:08) Batman Breaks a Major Villain’s Neck and Leaves Him For Dead


Hell Bent

(19:46) Trigon, Lord Satanus, Neron, and other Satan analogues.  Who’s the strongest?

(24:33) The Demon’s Three

(27:43) Has Etrigan and the Blue Devil ever crossed paths?

(33:06) Did the Ancient Being that originally imprisoned the Demon’s Three have ties to the Guardians of the Universe?

(38:05) Is there a reason why DC leans on real-world mythology while Marvel has stand-ins?  Where do most demons land on the power scale?

(46:45) Is the podcast haunted by a former producer?

(49:33) Does Klarion have ties to the Lords of Chaos, demons, or is he simply a warlock?

(54:15) Examples of demons/demonic characters helping the side of good.  Most edge lord demon?

(1:01:26) Characters to mash up with Etrigan?

(1:07:08) Where does Trigon rank power-wise?

(1:09:52) “Evil” characters that end up aligned with good.

(1:10:22) Best/favorite hero-possessed-by-a-demon story?


Dial Doc

(1:14:01) Tabletop

(1:16:12) Pop



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