Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #91 – “The 12 Episodes of DocMas II: Part 5″
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Issue #91 – “The 12 Episodes of DocMas II: Part 5″

Issue #91 – “The 12 Episodes of DocMas II: Part 5″

After the tragedy of the great hard drive crash of 2018 and losing our first four episodes, this issue we fall into the fifth episode of #DocMas!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News and Notes

(1:42) Chris McKay Working on Lego Batman Sequel



(4:08) The convoluted history of Monarch.

(7:27) Starro the Conqueror

(11:26) Thoughts on Darkseid.  Who should be cast as Darkseid in the DCEU?

(16:26) Is there a DC analogue for Blade?

(23:06) The audio play of Speedy as a junkie.

(24:54) Latin characters and creators.

(28:52) Fan Submitted Dial Doc – Wi-Fi-Fu


Dial Doc

(30:28) Dice

(31:25) Sir Mix-a-Pot


Characters, Places, Things

Andrew Bennet (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Darkseid (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Jaime Reyes (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Jessica Cruz

Mary, Queen of Blood (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Renee Montoya (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Speedy (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Starro (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Yolanda Montez


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Armageddon 2001

Justice League: No Justice

Lego Batman Movie (film)







Andre Braugher

Chris McKay

Jorge Jimenez

Juan Ferreyra

Kevin Michael Richardson

Sam Elliot


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