Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #99 – “The Sea King”
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Issue #99 – “The Sea King”

Issue #99 – “The Sea King”

In this week’s issue we talk all about Aquaman! That’s right, we take on the sea king for our first episode of 2019!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News and Notes

(3:11) Director Sandberg Releases Unofficial Commentary Track for Shazam Film

(6:19) Jason Momoa Claims That Henry Cavill is Not Leaving Superman Role

(10:25) Armie Hammer Discusses The Batman That Almost Was

(12:48) New Behind the Scenes Video of Swamp Thing

(14:44) DC is Working on a 2-Part Adaptation if Batman: The Long Halloween

(20:21) DC Comics Include a Stan Lee Tribute to Start 2019

(22:47) First Krypto Image From DC Universe

(25:30) Aquaman is Set to Cross $1 Billion Worldwide


The Sea King

(30:02) If every superhero was wiped out except for Aquaman, could he simultaneously be both the best and the worst superhero?

(37:14) Are there Aquaman villains that don’t have water ties?

(40:49) Why was the movie so corny?  DC is supposed to be the more serious sibling.

(46:39) Are Aquaman’s powers tied to the Blue?  How does the Blue intersect with the Red and the Green?

(51:25) Can Aquaman’s water hand dehydrate people by touching them?

(53:45) Thoughts on the film and hopes for a sequel?

(59:05) What villain would you like to see more than Orm or Black Manta?

(1:02:27) Is there a reason Aquaman can talk to fish while other Atlanteans can’t?  Why did he have a water hand but couldn’t bend water like Mera? Thoughts on introducing the water hand in to the movies?

(1:12:25) Does Black Manta being given a name diminish him as a villain or humanize him?

(1:16:00) What happened to Aquaman’s dependency on water?

(1:20:59) Response to all those suckas out there that called Aquaman for all those years.

(1:23:25) Notable Aquaman runs.

(1:27:21) The relationship and events that led to Aquaman’s and Vulko’s current relationship.

(1:32:07) What led to Aquaman’s hand being cut off and how did it progress through its forms?

(1:36:01) Explaining the two Aqualads and other side kicks?

(1:40:20) Does Aquaman have a connection to the Red?


Doctor’s Surprise

(1:44:08) A Christmas Gift


Dial Doc

(1:46:06) Magi

(1:47:09) Cogsworth


Characters, Places, Things

Arthur Joseph Curry

Aquagirl – Lorena Marquez

Aquagirl – Tula (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Aqualad – Garth (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Aqualad – Jackson Hyde (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Aquaman (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Black Manta (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Charybdis (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Dolphin (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Gorilla Grodd (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Kon-El (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Krypto (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Mera (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Orm (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Scavenger (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)

Siren (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Vulko (PreFlashpoint) (PostFlashpoint)


Recommended Reading and Viewing

Aquaman (film)

Aquaman Vol 05

Aquaman Vol 07

Aquaman: Death of a Prince

Aquaman: Sub Diego

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (film)

Batman: The Long Halloween (comic)

Multiversity Vol 01

Titans (TV series)

Zero Hour



Chief O’Brien At Work

Justice League: Mortal

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse



Armie Hammer

Jordan Peele


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