Doctor DC Podcast | Special #10 – “Deadman: Exorcism”
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Special #10 – “Deadman: Exorcism”

Special #10 – “Deadman: Exorcism”

In celebration of Hallowe’en, and to conclude Doctober, in this very special issue the Doctor and Producer Richard talk all about the very spooky two-issue series “Deadman: Exorcism”.

Check out this episode!


SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Deadman: Exorcism

(3:13) Who is Deadman?

(5:50) The artwork and the 90’s vibe.

(9:55) Introduction to the story.

(17:10) The therapist, Hugh, and the metal heads in the woods.

(22:58) Deadman sits on a church, steals a charm, and more metal heads in the woods.

(25:45) Ann Wallechinskie releases some spirits and the metal heads get possessed.

(28:20) The story goes a little off the rails.

(33:28) Recapping the first issue.

(34:38) Opening the second issue with a recap of the previous book.

(36:10) Deadman faces off the Reverend and Phantom Stranger fights the Iroquois Chief.

(37:52) Something is wrong with Deadman, Phantom Stranger tells the therapist to fix it.

(40:13) Centurion, Phantom Stranger, and Ann go to hell to stop the Iroquois Chief.

(43:09) The demons are defeated and Deadman gets prescribed therapy by Rama.

(46:32) Highlights and lowlights of the story.

(49:23) Reactions to the general feel, tone, and artwork.

(51:34) Rating, recommendation, continued interest.


Characters, Places, Things

Deadman (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Phantom Stranger (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Rama Kushna


Recommended Reading and Viewing

Deadman: Exorcism

Deadman: Love After Death



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Mike Baron (Twitter) (Facebook) (Website)

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