Doctor DC Podcast | Special #15 – “Dank Check”
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Special #15 – “Dank Check”

Special #15 – “Dank Check”

Broadcasting from elsewhere in the Multiverse, a version of the show which combines the content of The Doctor DC Podcast with the format of Blank Check!

This week, Reid and Richard continue The Pod HallowCast – their miniseries on the DC works of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale – with the pair’s most vibrant and possibly most undervalued work, 1998’s Superman For All Seasons. It’s an introspective, quiet, and visually chonky take on Superman that seems to do everything right.

Check out this episode!


SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

The Pod HallowCast Part 2

(3:19) Separating people from art

(5:22) Richard loves Superman For All Seasons because of his farming community background

(8:41) Reid loves how the story is split into four perspectives

(10:57) The melancholy, regular life bits of Clark juxtaposed with Superman’s grandeur

(16:14) The single greatest strength of the book is the art

(19:58) Jeph Loeb, setting aside some unsavory things

(22:49) The seasonality of the book and Jonathan Kent’s Spring narration

(27:35) Spring always goes in to Summer, narrated by Lois Lane

(32:51) Back to Smallville for the end of Summer and Lex Luthor has hair

(39:35) A fire at a lab, Lex and his exo-suit, and Superman can’t punch a toxin

(44:36) Fall versus Autumn as narrated by Lex and the city falls unconscious

(49:09) Enter Star Labs, Luthor presents the newly transformed Toxin

(55:39) Lana narrates Winter and Clark shows back up in Smallville

(58:55) The rooftop baseball kid, Lex Bots are flying around Metropolis

(1:04:08) Lois Lane versus Lana Lang

(1:06:16) Clark rescues the town and dams the flood then returns to Metropolis

(1:11:55) Final thoughts on Superman For All Seasons


Comic Sales Game

(1:17:23) September 1998, #65 in unit sales, 42,843 units sold, what came in at #64 and #66?


Recommended Reading & Viewing

All-Star Superman

Southern Bastards

Superman For All Seasons

Superman: The Man of Steel



Tim Sale

Jeph Loeb

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