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The Official Doctor DC Podcast Drinking Game

The Official Doctor DC Podcast Drinking Game

I love doing this show. Not only do I get to spend time every week discussing the weird and wonderful world of DC Comics, but I’ve gotten to know a number of our incredible fans. They send us pictures, ask amazing questions, and in some cases send us very thoughtful, very cool gifts.

This week I received a great gift from Mallory Vanier, a long-time listener and frequent-time question-asker, who took the time to create The Official Doctor DC Podcast Drinking Game.

Here’s how the game works:


  • when Colin makes up a song
  • when Reid & Richard tease Colin about a comic (or anything)
  • when somebody says “DCEU”
  • when somebody mentions Grant Morrison (extra shot if they do the “KHAN!” voice)
  • when somebody says they can fix it in editing / edit the podcast


  • when somebody mentions Ragman
  • when they read a question from Stump Chunkman or Chad Bokelman
  • when someone mentions Doctor DC’s real name or location


  • if Colin is in the Speed Force
  • when somebody references genocide

So if you’re looking to spice up the listening experience, or you want to empirically measure the frequency of some of these occurrences in our past episodes, you can now play The Official Doctor DC Podcast Drinking Game!

Thanks again to Mallory Vanier, and to all of you amazing fans that make doing this podcast the highlight of my week.

– Doctor DC

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