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Superheroes are undeniably outlaws. Operating in the grey area the justice system cannot is in the very nature of the superhero. After all, if the justice system worked as it was there would be no need for such a person. But as threats escalate and...

Consequence is a heavily recurrent theme in superhero comics. The simple explanation for this is that consequence is something that we must deal with every day in the real world. It is the relationship between cause and effect: each action produces a particular outcome, each decision alters the...

Buddy Baker as Animal Man – Animal Man #21, DC Comics Traditionally, superheroes are seen as solitary beings. Many manage to live their double lives, surrounding their civilian alter egos with all that is necessary in order to keep their true identity secret: friends, lovers, co-workers all...

Superman, inexplicably muscled – Superman Unchained #2, DC Comics If Superman is so incredibly strong, how is it that he’s in such muscular shape? It sounds like a silly question, but it comes from a place of extremely genuine curiosity. Scientifically speaking, building muscle requires us to...

Aztek – Aztek, The Ultimate Man #1, DC Comics Are we in control of our own destiny? This is a common question posed by many genres of literature, but it has a special place in superhero comics. Sometimes, it is as simple a construct as the notion...

Identity is a key theme throughout superhero mythology. From the secret identity to the moral identity, every hero struggles in their own way to define their place in the world. And though in every character’s mythology there is an element of this struggle, there is...

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The Doctor DC Podcast
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The Doctor DC Podcast
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