Doctor DC Podcast | Issue #77 – “Vertigo Comics” (w/ Kyle Clark)
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Issue #77 – “Vertigo Comics” (w/ Kyle Clark)

Issue #77 – “Vertigo Comics” (w/ Kyle Clark)

In this week’s issue, we talk all about Vertigo Comics!

That’s right! We’re kicking off Doctober with an episode on DC’s more mature and artistically daring imprint, and we’re bringing back a very special guest: comedian and podcaster Kyle Clark!!

Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


Kyle Clark


News & Notes

(3:21) Aquaman Promo Images Reveal New Looks

(10:18) Batman Artist Norm Breyfogle Dies

(11:51) Arrowverse Crossover Officially Named “Elseworlds”

(17:44) Titans Debut New 30 Second Character Spots

(20:18) Ewan McGregor and Sharlto Copley in Running to Play Black Mask


Vertigo Comics

(25:50) Why Vertigo is Kyle’s happy place

(43:18) A sales pitch on why someone should check out Vertigo Comics and specific recommendations.

(55:17) Did Marvel ever have anything that rivaled Vertigo?

(1:00:02) New Vertigo.

(1:06:33) How did that painting eat Paris?

(1:13:07) What series could have continued longer than it actually did?  Did Y: The Last Man stick the landing?

(1:19:59) Is the Alan Moore Swamp Thing as good as it sounds?

(1:23:11) Favorite Vertigo character?

(1:28:37) DC and Vertigo crossovers.

(1:37:00) Let’s talk Sandman, biggest successes and contributions to comics, and crossing in and out of regular DC continuity.

(1:44:00) What do you think about how Constantine aged in real time in Hellblazer?

(1:47:05) Get Jiro! and other cool books.

(1:51:42) Is Christopher Rudd from Lucifer the same character from Tales of the Black Freighter?


Dial Doc

(1:55:16) The Charmer

(1:56:36) Elton John

(1:57:54) Influender


Characters, Events, Things

Recommended Reading




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